Entry comments: This is one with the solid sales news https://tim.ly/2A790z6 aye aye aye what a disaster that other trade could've been, need more sleep, but I'm buying this recent runner o solid 20 cents/share off its earlier highs, looks to have found a bottom in the high .60s, goal is to sell in the .70s or .80s o the bounce as more people read the news which is solid

Exit comments: Whewww, what a rocketship, glad I saw my mistake from the wrong stock earlier and this one had an eve bigger dip off the highs so much better result, just taking my single though, not trying to get greedy!


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WindwalzerMay 26, 7:52 PM

I liked you sending out a video lesson and showing where you traded this one and what your plan was for the entry and exit. Thank you.

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