-$496 Loss
MISTShort Stock

Entry comments: I saw this 70% gainer and waited for the backside. There were a few red flags such as float 20m, strong news, and it was in my scanner after 7:20am... usually my 70% gainers are at my scanner before 7am. Now the stocks is trading at $9!!! Yes at $9 and I did not cut my loss at $6 as I had planned. The 20m float from now on its a low float for me.

Exit comments: It was very frustrating and upsetting because I did not take action, I had the chance to take the loss at 6.43 and did not. Then I had the chance to take a loss at 7.50 and was hoping and holding. It was a 60% loss and very sad not because of the money but because I was undiscipline


  • Total Views12
  • Position Size150
  • Percentage-58.58%
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