$300 Profit
DPWLong Stock

Entry comments: TRADE or multi day SWING they are entering EV charger market and holding webinar tuesday ( dont plan to hold through the meeting ) and lots of buzz on twitter etc .... personal stop loss 4ema and I will sell if it goes against me as this is trade and personal target mid 3's or more if it works - DPW Holdings’ Coolisys Power Electronics Business to Host Webinar Regarding Its Entry into the Electric Vehicle Charger Market

Exit comments: This was a trade in to tomorrows presentation .  It did hit 4's pre-market and spent much time in the 3's but I did not want to alert too early,.  Those that took and made profit congrats.   I do not want to hold through the presentation as I do not yet trust the company or know them well enough as new entrant in the EV charger market so will play this conservative on the no event rule and out about flat.   #RULEFirst 


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