-$19 Loss
ARCLong Stock

SO FRUSTRATING! dead on, right idea. bot yesterday into the perks in power hour. didnt respect my risk on some shares cuz of the illiquidity, and held some overnight. and stopped out dead bottom this morn, 1.25 was my risk from yesterday. UGH. into 1.6x's now


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  • Position Size300
  • Percentage-4.49%
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WindwalzerAug 06, 10:35 PM

Sorry, you are on the right track isn't that a good start?

D22Aug 07, 2:06 PM

@Windwalzer oh of course. Lack of volume was the main indicator I didn’t focus on.

WindwalzerAug 07, 7:16 PM

That's something I'm noticing I don't always do. I'm working on it, especially since it's so important for getting in and out of a trade and gauging the health and volatility of a stock you want to trade. I've actually enlarged my volume area and made the chart smaller to remind myself. Thank you.

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