$63 Profit
UBERShort Stock

Entry comments: Gap Down - I saw on IU chatroom. Uber was overextended. I waited for the back side of the move., and followed my rules. The only thing that did not work well was my price execution. I have been putting a limit order a bit below of the price to get fulled completely but IB filled me in the worse price. The stock was 33.15 and it filled me at 33.07 (my order was limit at 33(. For sure was my fault also because I did a whole number). Waiting for it to crack the level 32.50.

Exit comments: I was waiting to reach LOD 32.50 and when it did I got greed and waited. I tried to cover at 32.60 but I still learning how to use IB. I saw that it was building to climb back and sold. Done for the day! Good and safe trade just need to be better at adjusting the price limit in my entries.


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