Entry comments: Bigger panic, bigger position into this dip, goal is to make $2-3k on the bounce

Exit comments: Solid bounce play here, glad I played so safely earlier, that allowed me to get my entry price much lower


  • Total Views908
  • Position Size9,500
  • Percentage4.98%
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kcwonnerscSep 15, 20 6:04 PM

I can't wait till I get consistent with my winds and can actually fund an account to take some size because I love that you can make 5% in a couple of minutes and make my weekly paycheck

kcwonnerscSep 15, 20 6:05 PM

Playing very small and learning but I'm very happy with what I've gained in just a few months. I see people starting out and becoming successful early and I always remember you saying that you don't want success to come too soon and I feel like I have enough dedication to be successful in time

kcwonnerscSep 15, 20 6:06 PM

And it looks like you nailed the top on your exit

WindwalzerSep 15, 20 8:20 PM

I will have to work on the level 2 dvd, so many things I'm studying I have to stick with what I'm on and put the rest on my to study list. Thank you so much.

jonawillySep 16, 20 12:32 AM

Very much a newbie here, learning very slow & cautious. Got my first profit. 1k in 2 days. Big thanks.

RChenSep 16, 20 1:43 AM

Nice. Thanks, Tim!

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