-$15 Loss
PEIXLong Stock

Entry comments: Multi day Breakout. Small position because i feel im chasing a bit. B/o was at 5.35 and stock double bottomed at 5.35 level then broke out hard making higher lows all day. I bought the morning highs breakout. then the premarket high breakout was at 6.18 it closed at 6.25 a/h. Solid swing here

Exit comments: Big lesson learned here. when trading these. sell into the hod breaks on day 1. and trade the red to green move next day. i got shaken out in the morning on the washout it didnt even hit my stop from yesterdays entry at 5.50 fail. but i upped my risk since it had good support yesterday around 5.80. now its about to go red to green .


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  • Percentage-2.63%
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