$65 Profit
MSNLong Stock

Entry comments: holding over the weekend. FGD, waited for the price to come down. trading higher volume than the avg by 5x+ the avg daily volume. yearly/monthly breakout! looking to sell into strength on monday or tuesday!

Exit comments: Got out little to early again on a trade!! But happy to take my small gains! Singles add Up! Small gains Add Up!


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  • Position Size450
  • Percentage15.85%
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WindwalzerOct 16, 7:31 PM

May I ask you what the catalyst is, I didn't find one. Did you like the long term chart? Just like to know traders thinking, thank you.

simonfuture2Oct 17, 8:28 AM

this is not matching all criteria. however, i am using the high volume and breakout as my entry for a swing. i do not think there will be any PR , i am testing a theory on high volume breakouts. it spiked but it gave it all back and did not hold its spike. but it seems to have consolidated at past resistance. not a 100% sound strategy. just a theory i am testing.

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