Entry comments: Buying this one into the close on strong first green day OTC pattern with big news, will do video lesson over the weekend explaining how this is similar to my last BILZF trade during the Orlando conference and the stock more than doubled the next morning...I don't think it can spike that high again, but if Bilzerian mentions his big $25 million additional investment on Twitter or Instagram, this can pop back to day highs in the .60s and maybe more, that's my goal. Otherwise I'd buy CBBT

Exit comments: Out for a small gain, no big gap up or morning spike like I wanted, CBBT failed too, ugly overall market, stay safe everyone


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AhmedatefOct 23, 11:48 PM

Which broker can allow buying pink sheets and OTC ,it seems like nobody allow it.

shahbazalikhan7Oct 26, 11:42 PM

i lost 37000 coz i left day trading and i was starttrade option now i miss timothsykes rules he is best now came back here leran very hard way

WindwalzerOct 27, 8:08 PM

Oh yeah, I saw this on the Orland video and BILZF videos, taking time to look at it, it slammed down. Good thing you weren't in at the top of the close, that could have been harsh. Thank you for the lessons.

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