-$13 Loss
SCKTLong Stock

Entry comments: This one going higher highs in PM when it opened it pulled back a little so I entered with on a small dip but should have sold it one minute later when it hit the high of 4.50, got greedy and it pulled back the next minute. Decided to chase it as it might come back up to break resistance but I was not able to monitor this action when it tripled topped later in the morning missing out on the exit due to work.

Exit comments: After holding this over the weekend maybe it will surge back up because of its good earnings report unfortunately the overall market on Monday was Red and this stock never surged 2.88. I thought of holding one more day but I exited for a loss of 33%. Followind gapped down then on the third day it gapped up PM to high of day 4.33 with News could have less of a loss but that's how it goes. should have cut losses sooner.


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  • Position Size10
  • Percentage-33.51%


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