Entry comments: Bigger panic so bigger position, now we're realllly getting a crack so I'm in bigger, goal is for 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: Solid bounce this time so I'm taking it, definitely caught the bottom on this max panic situation, very glad I exited my earlier position to be able to load up at lower prices...watch 900+ http://tim.ly/sykesdipbuys video lessons on this one pattern, it really is best for small accounts


  • Total Views324
  • Position Size5,700
  • Percentage6.98%
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EmpSteveNov 20, 10:36 AM

is $4.30 a type-o? stt chart shows the low was $4.45..

WindwalzerNov 20, 10:38 AM

STT charts are having some problems, Thought it had halted, so I had to look on 'T0S to see the entire chart. Nice trade. You are good at getting bottoms and tops. Thank you.

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