Entry comments: PERFECT http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern as I've been warning all morning long in chat, goal is to make 5-15% on the bounce, this is a beauty

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz weak bounce, I'm glad, that means more panic is possible for better panic dip buy, the the lower the better now


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sofiamariaJan 13, 11:07 AM

What does a panic dip buy mean?

WindwalzerJan 13, 10:10 PM

And it gave you another bounce just after.

trade2021Jan 13, 10:54 PM

@sofiamaria dip buy means, usually at the market open the stock goes down, it is called dipping when it goes down, but after abit of going down or can call it dipping, it will bounce, and u try to buy it when it is bouncing, u buy on the dip, dip buying, if after u buy and it keeps dipping, u need to do rule number 1 which is to get out of trade quickly , Tim Sykes calls this cut losses quickly

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