-$539 Loss
RSCFLong Stock

Entry comments: This was a news play on this refrigeration company. Breaking news and even TOS had it that they won a new contract, it was also the first rising Green Day in a month, trending up over the previous few days, it gapped up, fell just below vwap, then fought it's way above it by 1pm, and stayed above it the rest of the day. I was shopping for an overnight hold and felt this had a nice selection of indicators going for it.

Exit comments: Kept holding right around .70 at open, so since there was support, thought I should hold it, well I was wrong...again. It just danced it's little but all the way to .55, it's still only at .61 over an hour later. Lesson, if it's up sell, if it's down, even a little, sell, and sell fast.


  • Total Views19
  • Position Size3,000
  • Percentage-22.2%
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