$124 Profit
BACLong Option

Dark pool experiment. Bearish below $36.50, so I bought $110 worth of put contracts to test it out. This was a really easy trade and did exactly what I wanted. Tried to take profits and hold the rest, but got impatient and ended up selling because I saw a volume spike come in and the stock started to rise. Happy taking a 120% profit tho!


  • Total Views64
  • Position Size10
  • Percentage121.82%
  • Option TypePUT
  • Strike35.0
  • Expiration2/26/2021
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StefanSchwarz13Feb 26, 12:53 PM

Way to go!!! Great job on your trade and I'm glad it worked out the way you expected it to.

LibertyBelleFeb 26, 1:11 PM

@StefanSchwarz13 Thanks! I have decided to practice options on Fridays. Stef Kammerman gives out her whispers for free in the free chatroom on Fridays. I have found some success playing them, and she will answer questions when she comes into the chatroom periodically during the week! And she only trades options herself, so I’m thinking about joining one of her programs in the near future.

LibertyBelleFeb 27, 8:58 AM

@StefanSchwarz13 The whispers are for any market. They are high priced tho, the big guys don’t trade the penny stocks. I recommend reading her book before trying to follow the whispers tho. It’s explained in there very well. She gives the bearish or bullish level and the targets. I set alerts for them, and then trade them if they hold those levels or progress.

StefanSchwarz13Feb 27, 4:55 PM

@LibertyBelle Thanks, I'll create an account and take a look at it. I'm okay with higher priced stocks as long as they fit a pattern that is best suited to how I trade.

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