$19 Profit
FTXPLong Stock

dip bought this second rd after failed daily breakout, panicked nice yesterday and bounced big midday so its capable, panicked and broke lows nice, tried to catch the bottom, missed and paid up like 4% unfortunately, bounced small and held, subpenny and got scared/impatient, didn't want to get caught in a panic, sold, immediate fill, knew then it would spike more, and did to my goal, regretted but safety first, left around 3x on the table, bad entry and exit and still profited, did well


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  • Position Size41,500
  • Percentage4.5%
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Tsion4Apr 07, 11:41 AM

this play topped out where my goals were at which was like 4% from my sell and faded slowly since, done with this play but good trade for me, nice and conservative, going to keep this up, this is the best way to trade, missed many opportunities yesterday but all its really shown me as well as today is that dip buys are being rewarded just a little better than before

Tsion4Apr 07, 11:43 AM

traded this one shit but am encouraged by how it reacted after i exited, i do love the way i traded this one tho, when in doubt get out, and i did, safety is always first, commissions ate this on up but the practice + confidence build is more important

Tsion4Apr 07, 11:53 AM

will be trying my best to keep on putting myself in plays just like this where i can fuck up on the entry and exit and not even be my bread and butter pattern and i STILL make money, good trades, good plays, good setups, good risk reward, over and over again, thats what ill try to do, okay, on to the next

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