$12 Profit
LTNCLong Stock

dip bought this multiday runner on cliff, finally cracked, knew was choppy at bounces, went to my dip area, let it fakeout few times, caught the bottom, bounced a little, looked to come down, sold, tough fills, tiny gains, protected, came down, double bottomed as it likes to do, bounced huge, left 3x on the table, oh well, not willing to hold through that, perfect trade on my end, patience galore, when ready, struck, gave it time, wasn't looking right and cut immediately, perfect, proud


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  • Position Size7,800
  • Percentage2.78%
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Tsion4Apr 08, 12:06 PM

small gains, commissions ate this up but way underestimated this which is a good problem to have, proud of this trade and everything that went into it, going to try to keep that up, really noting how these bounces are acting, looks like they actually have some more upside and are doing a little better, good to know, moving on, next

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