Entry comments: I missed the initial spike on their Dogecoin news, but just bought the breakout, thx http://tim.ly/breaking alerts for this one, goal is to sell in the .14s or .15s

Exit comments: Whewww, big sellers now at .14, not gonna risk it midday since its spiked a ton already and dogecoin news is just so speculative LOL


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WindwalzerApr 16, 6:24 PM

It helped reading the chapter on Level 2 in "The Complete Penny Stock Course". It clarified more about level 2. I will watch more lessons on it and have a better understanding. Thank you.

CMaynardApr 17, 8:23 AM

Now this is a sniper trade. From the look of the chart you were in it for what? 2-5 minutes tops?

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