-$33 Loss
BTBTLong Option

thought the bitcoin play was dead after amazon said the story was a lie.... got in at the close just to wake up the see the spike... so cut the loss asap... the set up wasnt ideal anyway... so i need to sit on my hands and really wait for ideal set ups


  • Total Views14
  • Position Size1
  • Percentage-51.61%
  • Option TypeCALL
  • Strike5.0
  • Expiration8/20/2021
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TimSchuchnerJul 31, 8:41 PM

I'm confused since I click on that stock and is no where near these prices when I check the dates.

DThaSavageJul 31, 8:44 PM

@TimSchuchner these are option contracts... options are different from the actual price of the stock.. Mark croock teaches this strategy, you should check him out...

TimSchuchnerJul 31, 8:50 PM

I'll do that I'm still new so a bit overwhelmed with all these different strategies I but I appreciated you consistently posting updates every week keep it up!

DThaSavageAug 01, 3:06 PM

@TimSchuchner Thank you i appreciate it...and welcome to the community .. i remember when i first started... enjoy the journey

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