$56 Profit
KYNCLong Stock

Entry comments: Buying this reversal FGD on a dip after a trigger. Risk is 0.0055. Goal is to get a nice PH push into the close.

Exit comments: Had a nice push into the close, but had a super weak open the next day. I was prepared and set the perfect risk at 0.0058 and stuck to it all day. Today was a short day, and it was very illiquid and slow all day. I sold 1/3 at 0.0068 as it broke HOD. Then, when there was 30 seconds left, the bid suddenly moved down so I sold 2/3 at 0.0065 and it bounced right back, very unfortunate. Nice little trade even though it didn't achieve my initial goal.


  • Total Views35
  • Position Size70,000
  • Percentage13.79%
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