Entry comments: Dip buying this big OTC runner off its highs as they're presenting at a conference tomorrow and getting pumped hard, I'd love to sell into a bounce in the .007s where it was earlier

Exit comments: Beautiful bounce, stronger market, not gonna get greedy as I don't trust the promoters here, but this was a solid low risk single and even though I'd prefer a big market drop, I'll take what the market gives me


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SilvasSquadJun 07, 3:15 PM

Got in this with you at .0066 right as you alerted it. Didn't like the the pull back to .0066 after it went through .0070, scared me out of it. So i broke even at .0066. Not worried about it as i saw the double at .0063 which was my alert to get into the bounce. Seeing the moves and executing is getting better, just need to work on my patience in this market.

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