$63 Profit
FRGTShort Stock

Entry comments: Doji - I was stalking this one all day waiting for a pop. Got it in the last 10 mins of the day. I was risking the 2.75 - 2.85 area. I was unable to move my risk down and add in the AH. I will be risking the 2.60 pop in the AM and will look to cover into a flush.

Exit comments: Closed this out for a nice win. Decent enough risk reward. Covered half per my stats and missed my fill in the low 2s for the other half. Covered the rest because I needed to get back to work. Overall I managed the trade well, I just wish I could've put on more size in the AH


  • Total Views10
  • Position Size200
  • Percentage12.6%
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