-$9 Loss
VRNAShort Stock

Entry comments: Doji - Taking this near the close. Initially I was risking the $12 area and eventually added shares and moved my risk down to the 10.50 pop at end of the day. I didn't feel comfortable taking full size with such a tight risk and using a risk point that was set pretty much at the close. Not expecting crazy good risk reward on this one. Looking to swing and cover in the AM.

Exit comments: This ended up gapping up small. I let it try and fail, but it reclaimed prev close and ended up making pushes towards my risk. I gave it a shot since I was essentially in half size, but the price action did not make me feel comfortable. I may have been too impatient, but it wasn't doing exactly what I wanted, so it was safer to cut.


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  • Percentage-1.73%
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