-$6 Loss
VEEELong Stock

As soon as I bought, and got filled immediately, the stock crashed down to $7. I thought I saw stair stepper pattern forming and I got completely wrecked in a second. In a second I lost 59 cents a share. What the fuck? The stock in the time it took to write this, jumped up .30 cents. I didn't buy at the bottom of the panic because I didn't know it was the bottom, and I didn't know it'd bounce again after such a horrible down tick.


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imthetraderAug 12, 10:34 AM

The stock ran back up and broke out of 7.92 but I wasn't prepared cause I was hit by that loss. I missed an obvious break out. I need to study FUCKCKKCKCKC:Jl/dsacvbajhke

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