-$4 Loss
ELEKLong Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this small EV play with solid news today https://tim.ly/3zW9KCm basically teasing a multi-week promo campaign to launch their new EV products...it's a hot sector & just the first green day on a former Supernova that's holding near its highs so I'd love to profit 10-20% next week when more people find out about their upcoming press campaign

Exit comments: I'm out for small losses here, no gap up or morning spike, basically breakeven, but small loss overall...not the end of the world, always cut losses quickly when you don't get the action you want, discipline matters


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4KDAug 12, 3:50 PM

Thank you!!!

neuscdaAug 12, 4:32 PM

thanks for sharing

Tusya1Aug 13, 1:55 AM

Thank you.

rechinuAug 24, 7:51 PM

Thank you for lesson

subduling08Aug 25, 12:16 PM

Paying attention to doing those cut losses as small is a huge advantage to us....This sounds like it was an exciting trade... can't wait till I do a trade as lessons allow me to. Taking it all in and realizing things that will work is key then we take less losses and smaller ones and win... Exciting to me.

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