-$216 Loss
CPHILong Stock

Entry comments: I bought it because the daily chart looks really good, it was a big % change due to the news that was announced today and it’s FGD with really big volume. That kind of volume didn’t exist since Oct 21’. I tried buying the lowest I can possibly get before the market closes. My thought process was as long as it closes above the open at .13, I was gonna buy hoping for a big gap up the next morning because of the good news, big volume and FGD.

Exit comments: I sold it when I saw that the stock was going below it's previous open. The volume went down dramatically today. The stock failed probably because the news wasn't that great and the stock doesn't have a history of spiking. Next time, I will only buy if I see the stock finishing near HOD when I'm buying FGD.


  • Total Views22
  • Position Size4,500
  • Percentage-26.97%
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