-$1 Loss
SMMTLong Stock

Entry comments: Huge FGD on biotech news. Bad entry...I know that I was chasing and am probably buying the HOD but I want to take a tiny speculative position so it's at the top of my watchlist for the morning.

Exit comments: Volatility continued in afterhours, reaching a high of 2.65, then having a morning panic before/at the open. Put in my sell order before the open but it opened below my limit so I had to re-input my order with a lower limit. Lessons: Trying to work on the FGD pattern. My broker doesn't allow me to trade afterhours so these NASDAQ stocks always feel scary when I can see them trading and moving but I can't CLQ. I think I will only swing OTC stocks for this pattern.


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  • Percentage-14.99%
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