-$13 Loss
GNSLong Stock

I got out for a small loss after buying on the wrong dip and watching it drop to oblivion on Friday. Held over the weekend in the expectation the stock would rise again based on long-term charts. I didn't expect it to rise today. I might have gotten out breakeven or for a gain, but I didn't want to risk it. I was down as much as $100 on Friday, so a $13.45 loss is a win.


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LibertyBelleJan 25, 2:04 PM

This stock was on our watchlist too! I didn't trade it tho. Our entry level was $4 and the scale out targets were 4.25, 4.50, and 5.00. Kinda wish I had traded it now that I look back at it.

StefanSchwarz13Jan 25, 2:16 PM

@LibertyBelle I wish I had held it as it hit new highs on Monday and I would have profited. It would have been the wrong way to profit, hold and hope is never a good strategy even though I was looking at a swing trade since the charts told me it would run again. I'm sure it will again!

LibertyBelleJan 25, 6:26 PM

I wouldn't swing that stock - it's a pump and dump. You did well by cutting the trade.

StefanSchwarz13Jan 25, 9:51 PM

@LibertyBelle The funny thing is, if I had held it another hour or two, I would have profited off of that stock.

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