-$40 Loss
XPONLong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy with small $ at the bottom of this highly shorted stock's recent range and potential earnings today or tomorrow with the overall market spiking higher and higher so I'd love to see this squeeze back to the mid 6s or even high 6s

Exit comments: No bounce whatsoever so I gave it time but now cutting losses...small losses are okay, as I just posted this https://tim.ly/3lnijTG I might not be at the beginning of my journey, but I've been trading like someone who is...and more importantly, as I test different strategies, I'm kay losing small, I just won't size up until I see something working well


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B1053Mar 16, 1:59 PM

Helpful for me thank you for sharing your hard or rough experiences as a trader. I’m at that point where I’m questioning myself can I do it then I continue studying. I feel like that will ferral meme “I m so f@&$” scared right now” lol

tupuadMar 16, 2:17 PM

Thanks Tim.

User_1610Mar 16, 10:36 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

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