$230 Profit
XLELong Option

Entry comments: [accelerator] energy sector is hot, lots of stocks running and already had them on watch, cost of oil rising, EVs struggling, OPEC cuts, strong demand and heightened geopolitical risks. Combine that with a perfect breakout on the XLE chart and massive call sweeps. Looking to swing as it stays strong, will take profits into any reversal candles on the daily

Exit comments: Was above 30% on these calls, but today appears to be the reversal day. The sector is coming down with the market, we had hawkish FED comments all day that spooked the market. There are still tensions in the Middle East that made me want to hold this through the dip, but it continues to drop lower. We have jobs numbers tomorrow that could affect the market too. Locking in safe profits due to uncertainty

  • Total Views18
  • Position Size10
  • Percentage23.23%
  • Option TypeCALL
  • Strike105.0
  • Expiration6/21/2024
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