$59 Profit
PEGYLong Stock

Entry comments: Back in for more PEGY. Seems like it's stabilized on the morning dip. It's now sitting on an area that I had hoped for this AM. I am going to be patient into the low 0.07 range to retest the highs. I might roll out of most shares when we approach the 10% profit range, then leave 10% shares to see if it can go to the 0.08 range. I need to start working more with rolling out for profit but leaving some to run.

Exit comments: I am reasonably happy with the exit but I really tried pushing the sell button when I was at 8% gain and it dipped immediately and left me with 5%. This happens all the time for me. I left 10% on the table and not sure how to deal with a partial sell here. I am going to add a new small trade as the 10% portion but I think that will skew my profit results.

  • Total Views9
  • Position Size18,000
  • Percentage5.09%
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