-$200 Loss
GTBPLong Stock

Entry comments: long this recent reverse split morning spiker trading astronomical volume cmpared to shares outstanding , i like how this ticker isnt necissarily massively underwater in need of instant dilution traded so much volume any raising likely hasnt had much effect. in this continuation market im thinking possible afternoon continuation so grabbing this low spot on this dip below VWAP goal is a afternoon squeeze on an afternoon breakout

Exit comments: bummmer rule number 1 cut losses quickly

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Jayray_68May 20, 1:29 PM

SINT also looking decent been trying to get filled on yanks but keeps walking away from me

Jayray_68May 20, 1:47 PM

7.50 area looking like a solid area to upgrade my risk at this point that means i can now add to a winner

Jayray_68May 20, 1:47 PM

will look for weakness to add into appropriately

Jayray_68May 20, 1:52 PM

just added to a winner here 8.05s if this starts to hold 8s i suspect its bullish action and could see good squeeze potential

Jayray_68May 20, 1:57 PM

fundamentally in conjunction with the chart this is my favorite afternoon setup in the market as of right now. anything can totally fail but its worth the small loss for me if im wrong

Jayray_68May 20, 1:59 PM

we are now back over VWAP we will see what comes of this hopefully get some shorts covering getting outside of mid day now

Jayray_68May 20, 2:00 PM

dont like to see slaps like this not ideal

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