Entry comments: long some $MGOL here now teasing green twice on the day 55s is the LOD from day 1 of the runup now that it proved to hold this level today grabbing some shares risking the 55s on multiple time frames. goal is be patient and allow time for longer term shorts to cover. halted front side could easily halt from covers on a bounce

Exit comments: 2:43PMTimChallenge Jayray_68:locked up my $MGOL sheres here .6601 taking the money work interrupted trucker just hit the dock so unfortunately cant give this more time since its getting wonkey but will follow up on this super interested in what i saw there

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Jayray_68May 28, 10:27 AM

example of what im looking for is similar to PXMD from 11/14/23

Jayray_68May 28, 10:52 AM

if HOD breaks will add to a winner on an updated risk of .58 for now pretty busy personal schedule so if i miss adds thats fine

Jayray_68May 28, 11:00 AM

looking decent... not to plan unless HOD breaks though so remaining patient

Jayray_68May 28, 11:09 AM

.58 now updated risk worst case wash on the trade no adds for nowe cant baby sit this trade

Jayray_68May 28, 11:49 AM

still long this trade so far pretty decent green day for this ticker sure its had dips but the dips so far seem to be holding up so this means still within plan still within risk giving my trade plan time to work ideally big move towards the $1 area late this morning or early afternoon

Jayray_68May 28, 12:24 PM

was up about 1k on this ticker at one point but thats neither here nor there when the chart is still behaving VWAP is likely going to become my guide on the trade will pay attention to this fire inspector just showed up for a walk through so will be watching this from my phone as best as i can

Jayray_68May 28, 1:24 PM

1:23PMTimChallenge Jayray_68:$MGOL watching for adds on this trade updated risk is now .60s-61s area if it pops could movew fast

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