Entry comments: I'm buying this one as GME is spiking big and this is a wannabe meme play that spiked big last time GME went off so let's see if it can re-gain that luster, thx for the heads up https://tim.ly/jacktr

Exit comments: VERY nice afterhours runup so I'm just taking profits so I can go to sleep and don't have to watch it anymore...after midnight here, maybe it goes more, but I'm very happy with this single, thanks again https://jackkelloggtrading.com/ for the heads up


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ruffemuprudisJun 06, 4:13 PM

Wow I don’t see it Tim. I will be watching and wish you the absolute best !!!! For sure

ruffemuprudisJun 06, 8:55 PM

I’m in and very grateful to you for wanting us all to succeed and sharing your strategies

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