Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this big runner that just psiked $1/share and its now far off its highs, looking for 5-10-15% bounce, shorts look over-aggressive here, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Nice and easy technical bounce, not gonna get too aggressive as this was just a price action play, but thank you over-aggressive short sellers as always right now


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  • Position Size3,000
  • Percentage5.9%
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nursek2uJun 13, 10:36 AM

Bought in yesterday 700 shares at $1.80 Out today as it hit my Sell right before halt at $2.95. Finally a win today. I have been learning your lesson of cut losses quickly. Starting to get it. Love your new challenge site, relistening to the orientation dvds.

tupuadJun 13, 11:42 AM

Thanks Tim!

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