Entry comments: I'm re-buying this play as I just got wifi again and think it can squeeze again into the close/afterhours or next week...goal is to sell in the .80s or .90s. I missed a lot of the runup while I was away but nice to catch it back down here near support and lower than my last sell...as if I never left and I just didn't need to take that risk while away

Exit comments: Beautifulllllll squeeze into the close, I'm not gonna risk it, locking in this solid $3k profit for myself, it probly goes more, but I just love this low-stress single...PERFECT entry gave me the confidence


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jgutierrez5326Jun 21, 3:24 PM

Hopefully you’ll make a video explaining why you think it might squeeze and what is the pattern that you see. What amount of volume are you seeing that made you considered this as a buy and what is considered as a good volume to trade?

jgutierrez5326Jun 21, 3:44 PM

Would love to see a video of you explaining you thought process, please.

lindachauJun 21, 3:54 PM

Would love a video too. Great call Tim :)

joedam86Jun 21, 4:23 PM


tupuadJun 21, 4:38 PM

Thanks Tim! Great job.

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