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$188 profitLULUShort OptionbyVas

Entry comments: $LULU spiked later this week on rumors of a buyout so my two $53 strike calls were going to expire ITM. I covered the two old calls early for a small loss and sold two new ATM calls with expiration next week. Even if buyout rumors are false, this should be enough confirmation for Wall Street that $LULU is undervalued and further downside should be limited. If the new $53 calls expire ITM next week, I would have a nice small gain overall on the rolled over $LULU trade this past month.

Exit comments: Nice gain on the $LULU covered call trade, looking for pop after lunchtime lull towards $53 to roll over trade for next week.

Posted: Apr 21, 12:38 PM/

$80 profitLMTShort OptionbyVas

Entry comments: Meets all criteria for an IV crush trade, goal is for options to expire worthless.

Exit comments: Great trade, bought back puts for a nice small profit once they were deep OTM to release capital.

Posted: Apr 24, 10:53 AM/

Quick trade held overnight on a down day. Not much panic drop so took quick profit.

Posted: Apr 28, 9:38 AM

Entry comments: Bought 800 shares of PRAN at 2.99. This 1.3m float recent supernova has faded from 4.40 and held 2.80 and looks like it wants to try and bounce. Risk is 2.90 but will watch price action. Reward is gap up/morning spike. If there is volume we could easily see a big move.

Exit comments: Nice! Sold PRAN p/m in big low float gap up. This hit 3.50s and I couldnt watch anymore. I had to lock in the $400 profit. This could keep going higher but its hit my expectations. Same trade down the road with a bigger position will be a legit gain in the real world. Crap $400 is a new XBOX. Time to be consistent.

Posted: Apr 27, 4:02 PM

Entry: I bought this stock because the news were got richest man of China has invested in this company so I figured the hype would be good and entered at 2.86 it was uptrending into the close, so i decided to hold it o/n and sell it into the morning spike Exit: I should've sold it into the morning mini spike when it reached 3.07 and locked in my .20/share profits but i waited thinking it would spike even more and still learning so i ended up selling it at 2.92 still made profits

Posted: Apr 28, 10:02 AM