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VRAY - expected to ride the bounce off of 7, it stalled at 7.12 and pulled back. I got in at 7.03 and wanted to hold over night. Had to sell at 6.97 after it broke resistance to cut losses early.

Posted: Mar 23, 7:58 AM

great trade bought a little late post market but it kept on going with the earnings news and sold half and half like i should and luckily I did because It came down soon after. I didn't even have 2000 dollars worth in and i need to start building positions that are a little bit bigger but not to much. I need to grow my account and im a doing it but very slowly. I can go big just need to be very discipline

Posted: Mar 24, 1:49 AM/

good risk reward just didn't go my way.

Posted: Mar 24, 1:51 AM/

Delayed contract winner. Starting to get toppy around $2, thought we could see a breakdown. Covered after it failed to break down

Posted: Mar 24, 2:37 AM/