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Here is what is currently happening.

Only a partial sale. Still holding 200 out of my 400 share position.



Stocks to Trade works. I was happy to trade a stock before I saw Tim trade the same stock. Great feeling to catch a nice gain today after just studying for a couple of weeks.



Entry comments: Dip buy!

Exit comments: Nice profit!


($60) Loss
MBRXLong Stock

Stock consolidated nicely around the 2.80 zone. Entry at 2.80 with 2.70 as risk. Plan is to sell at $3 test. Big % gainer, with antipicated Hype FDA news of Lung Cancer results release on Wednesday. Sold due to it breaching risk, look to see what it does into the close, possible rebuy at a better position for FGD closing strong, solid Volume, with good catalyst, crummy chart may cause difficulty on day 2 run and potential company financing due to lack of funds.


$50 Profit
CRNTLong Stock

Entry comments: Looking to add to my position. I like where this is going chart wise.

Exit comments: Nice up trend today! Get out while I have a nice profit!