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Latest Trades

Here is what is currently happening.
$252 Profit
GMELong Stock

Was holding this for 10 days. Wasn't able to sell this at $19 2 days ago. lol It has news today but not moving.


Entry comments: Bought on news as it was spiking into the close to hold overnight, hoping for some volume tomorrow to push it up.

Exit comments: LOL, tried to install a new modem and router 30 minutes before market open and it turns out they sent me wrong equipment- was without internet and it tanked 25% in the meantime, by the time I went to the provider's store and picked up the right equipment and installed it it was back at the price I bought. Waited since it was slowly creeping up, sold for a nice profit!!!


-$70 Loss
RIOTLong Option

Entry comments: RIOT is looking weak. I couldn't get in on Mark's alert since I was working. Got in later on a bounce. Goal is to sell when RIOT gets down to $7.60 support. Will hold if it breaks through that support and shoot for $7. Risking $8.30 area. Would like to swing into tomorrow but will sell today if it has a hard crack.

Exit comments: Not a great loss here. Seems like I'm always able to trade when Mark's alerts don't work out. Was tempted to hold longer but RIOT is just way too strong again.



Entry comments: Has been getting alot of talk on twitter the last few weeks of a similar catalyst to BRTX. I got in as it broke out on the daily chart from the 0.0035 mark and has been holding the 0.004 line on the intraday. Currently risking 0.0041. Will see how it holds up today, potential swing.

Exit comments: Could not hold the level above 0.005. sold as it came down. On top of news that the court will be delayed too.


$23 Profit
SOLOLong Stock

Still testing patterns with small positions. Played SOLO Red/Green. Probably should have played it before it crossed because it was so strong the first hour of the day after the initial dip, but I missed it. When I did see it, I didn't want to chase and have R/G be the top. Waited for it to cross and support. It's looking like the 1st Green Day, but with EV's losing their mojo a little I'll sell now and look to reenter later this evening if it holds.