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a quicky in and out. but glad I could pick a piece of the pie as well, because I forgot to hit buy at 1.5 !!!

Posted: Jun 28, 4:00 PM

Looking for the bounce off of the r/g and 20ema for a late day push to VWAP. Did not follow through after 1st target hit

Posted: Jun 29, 12:55 AM/

Entry comments: Dip buying this stock as it hits a low of 0.361 which should serve as a good support level. Will be happy with 10-15%.

Exit comments: Having caught the exact bottom of the day, I decided to hold to see where it would go. As of ~3PM, it was having a hard time getting through that 0.4 level, so I decided to take my profit. Met the goals, overall good trade after having a bunch of crappy ones.

Posted: Jun 28, 11:09 AM

Entry comments: Recent news - Company valuation, recent history of spiking

Exit comments: Bought on SEC filing spiking friday afternoon. Monday gap up, spiked to .028 from previous days open of .003, 7x your money in one day. I bought this with unsettled funds and had to wait three days for funds to clear. On the third day SBFM started to fade, no spike. Got out with 75% gain, whether it gaps up or down tomorrow, I am thrilled with 75% gain.

Posted: Jun 26, 12:17 PM

Taking profit on the way up.

Posted: Jun 28, 2:52 PM