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The stock kept hitting this 7.30 resistance all morning. So I decided to sell as I didn't want to hold over the weekend. I got impatient as I as negative a couple hundred all week. I really wanted to sell at $8 however I settled for 7.30 because I believed I could buy it back again at 7.08 again later today. At the time of selling the high for the day was $7.31 and the low was $7.10. My largest winnings to date.

($14) Loss
MDRLong Stock

Entry comments: Small practice swing trade (Focus is on developing habits). Goal is to hit 10 in a day or two. Reasons to go in: -10% gain (could be better) -It is a contract winner (promoted by SeekingAlpha), -Broke prev days high, -Had more than twice its average volume for the day, -Closed at its highs (went in at the EOD when it broke the HOD, although it was a very, very small breakout)

Exit comments: The stock failed to break yesterday's high (only did so very shortly after market open, and very briefly, not convincing). After that it just became a bouncing ball, each bounce being lower. I held it but cut my losses once it broke the low of the morning. I should have cut my losses a lot faster! Still, good job not holding and hoping once that low was taken out.

$42 Profit
JNUGLong Stock

Stock too much longer to ramp up.. I sold at the peak for the day. Now that I am on Margin I can get in at a Lower price if it starts to drop again because I was in at a very high price for the past 7 days. Happy to be out of this trade on a green note!

$374 Profit
PCGShort Stock

Nice set up for a short. I got in pre market but it established support at 24 so I got out. I thought this had more potential but I will take it.

$30 Profit
MNGALong Stock

ive been watching this when I saw It break new highs, when momentum changed and it met my risk level I sold locking 30 in profits. should have sold sooner but glad I cut losses and took a bit of the meat of the move. now down past were I bought.


$29 Profit
NBEVLong Stock

Weed stocks are bouncing a little and this one reported solid earnings also. Had a nice green day yesterday and after a little drop in the morning some nice r/g action. Nice price action good spike, but I got scared out by fading volume and a pullback. It later hit my initial goal of 4.50, so at least I was on the right track Lesson: Don’t get scared out too quick if the trade is going in the right direction