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Cut losses, terrible trade, held too long, lessons learned

Posted: May 25, 1:51 PM

Cut losses, huge fail, held way to long, lessons learned

Posted: May 25, 1:50 PM

Entry comments: Bought on good earnings wanted to sell 0.45

Exit comments: Not a liquid stock sold on the bid

Posted: May 25, 12:31 PM

Bought MICT at 1.23 on a dip on a little delayed morning spike. Risk is 1.16. MICT had positive news of record backorders of 11.5m and it had a nice spike in reaction. Im buying on the first dip off the spike for continuation. Sold MICT to cut losses. It gave a lousy attempt to bounce but ultimately failed. Mainly from no volume. Bigger loss than I wanted but its bc my position size was too big. On to the next one!

Posted: May 25, 11:47 AM

Finally able to get out of this FB position. I knew it would go up, another small but noteworthy profit from this FB trading mania I've been sticking with

Posted: May 25, 11:33 AM/