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Latest Trades

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Entry comments: Long term - Seems to have strong support here.

Exit comments: Taking profits

Posted: Mar 23, 3:42 PM

"Lottery ticket" type trade.

Posted: Mar 24, 3:14 PM

Bought ZAIS midday due to it bottoming and holding support. This is up 40% on the day after reporting earnings. 3mill float makes this an intriguing play. Sold ZAIS during power hour as it could not hold support. Another tough solid loss to end march. Shoulda sold when I had the profit.

Posted: Mar 24, 3:06 PM

Bought in the dip for more gains

Posted: Mar 24, 12:54 PM/

Finally got my revenge on this dumb pump when I missed the first hard dump months ago. Been waiting for this drop and of course it started in the last 20min of my lunch break. Caught the first green candle up and sold for $.26/share profit before going back to work. Wish I would have held longer as these always seem to spike up more but wanted to lock in profits. My day at work was very busy so wasn't sure I would be able to watch the prices closely. Very happy with the preparation for this one.

Posted: Mar 24, 6:24 PM/

Entry comments: FINALLY this thing is cracking, no shares to short, but PERFECT #5 opportunity, typical pattern, are you prepared? My goal is to make 15-30% on the bounce

Exit comments: It's now 2.55 so I played a bit too safely, but GOD I LOVE PERFECT PATTERNS! I was over-trading, trading speculative junk this week, nice way to finish with a $5k+ profit, wiping away all my small losses and more, video lesson coming

Posted: Mar 24, 11:52 AM/ 9/$

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