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$1.12/share loss. Yup, this is what I get for not respecting my own rules. Best thing I am doing is not carrying this one and another loss into the weekend. I did not respect my entry criteria. Instead, I predicted a friday morning spike. Predicting was wrong, I should have reacted. And there was no spike to react to anyways. At the very least I am still positive on the week

$68 Profit
NVIVLong Stock

Afternoon Breakout. STT New Highs Scanner. Was watching it at support, which was $2.23 and by the time I decided it broke out to $2.30. Put hard sell line at $2.24, but the lowest it went to was $2.27, which was the latest HOD. From there spiked to $2.49, but could not take out $2.50, so I sold on the next spike as it was week. Later down to $2.37. Perfect sell and locking in profits. Good way to end the week.


($17) Loss
NCTYLong Stock

Entry comments: Why did I buy it? I used my margin account by accident and now I will have to take a loss because I am out of day trades. I hate the PDT rule. What a shitty day! This is what revenge trading will do to you. Stay patient and focused from now on and stop chasing these POS Chinese stocks!!!!

Exit comments: Out. Bad trade.


$15 Profit
ABILLong Stock

Esperaste el dip buy muy bien, aunque recuerda (take profits earlier) arriesgaste cuando cayo un poco, pero lo hiciste bien.


$27 Profit
ABILLong Stock

Intraday. Found STT Intraday scan. Uptrend over VWAP. Tested STT papertrade for long and short buy/sell (1st 2 sets of arrows) and worked. Entered since paper trading working and chased Dip to do so. Plan to exit if can't go above intraday resist @ exit since failed at this level.


($6) Loss
EARSLong Stock

Bought 300 shares waiting for a market close spike. Stock didn't move. Very low volume. Out at 1.03 for just 2 cents a share loss.