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Latest Trades

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$10 Profit
WKHSLong Stock

Entry comments: first green day closing strong and I am long

Exit comments: idk man


$100 Profit
SMRTShort Stock

Shorted SMRT on late afternoon fade. Should have shorted at 1.35 ish as stock showed signs of fading on the chart. Need to be bolder. Stock up on news of installing Amazon lockers in its stores for customers to pick up amazon products.


$3 Profit
JMULong Stock

100k volume at price 1.6 auto stop loss hit by market maker. After 3.05pm, volume push to 100k at price 1.99 by traders. next time, do not long the stocks already spikes more than 70% during pre-market hour.


$50 Profit
SMRTLong Stock

The entry could've been a lot better on this contract winner play, will use intraday Fib retracement plus other indicators


$7 Profit
CRNTLong Stock

Originally planned to open a position in the morning at low 2.80s but missed the 6% move I was expecting, a bounce off previous support. Decided to take advantage of the pullback in the afternoon and held overnight. 2.84 Stop (2% of current account)

$39 Profit
KBLBLong Stock

dip bought this not quite at the bottom but planned for 5-10% gains. held as it hit r/g but wanted to take my 18%