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Entry comments: Alert pre-market on news. Waited for B/O above VWAP & open along w/ getting out of other play. 1st GRN day. @ EOD closed near highs, multi year high, & in chart rules; RSI 72 EMA4. RISK: day low 6.75, moves to EMA4. TGT: 10-11’s, maybe mid 9’s due to market.

Exit comments: Public offering announced premarket. Sold @ open.


($184) Loss
FBLong Option

Entry comments: Canal Bajista, rotura de resistencia.

Exit comments: La entrada estuvo bien, el tiempo tambien estuvo bien. Sucedio que los sgtes. dos dias estuvo el precio horizontal, y el ultimo dia que subio, ya el oprion se habia desvalorizado.


($227) Loss
NFLXLong Option

Entry comments: Caída regular. Rotura de pendiente.

Exit comments: Fue una pesima entrada. Sin embargo, las caidas regulares o fuertes, ya no las vuelva hacer, es una estrategia no segura.


($280) Loss
SPYLong Option

Entry comments: Caída regular, rotura de pendiente.

Exit comments: Fue una mala entrada, ademas la estrategia de caida regular o caida fuerte es la que menos se da.


$17 Profit
SAVALong Stock

SAVA had a massive gap up and started tanking/fading pre market, looked like it had found a bottom and there was still lots of volume going into the open, low float. Thought this could have a reclaim pattern at least to VWAP so took a starter then added. Another good spot to add would have been after that dip help just before the open and add under 1.18


($240) Loss
PTIShort Stock

Positives about trade: plan was excellent/low volume/first red day/heavily resisted Negatives: trying to save pennies on sure win rather than getting in at good price What happened: I saw this early enough to get in in the 3.64 area before the original drop to the 3.40's . WHAT will I do next time: NO PENNY SAVING& NO CHASE wait 4 bounce