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Bitcoin related play the spiked and held up all day. Perfect Gun Chart! I was too slow on the dip even though I was watching it and waiting for it. Once the ask started getting hit, a ton of volume came in and pushed it right back up and I hit the ask as well. Acted perfectly into the close, but I took Sykes "play it safe" warning in chat and took my profits instead of holding for a Gap up as BTC can crash over night.


($45) Loss
TCONLong Stock

Entry comments: I did not do my research before getting on this stock. Second I took the trade on hype of other possible trades that I miss. There is a catalyst that some people are basing on but I made too many mistakes because mofo.

Exit comments: don't get in to a stock if you do not do your own research. Big mistake from my part.


($78) Loss
MGTILong Stock

tried 2 dip buys on this... the first one I got scared out b/c it wasn't bouncing and just sitting at my entry price so I just got out basically break even. It bounced to where I thought it would and dipped back to the support it just held with a little more volume. I got in again thinking it had a good chance to spike into the close with BTC surging today. No luck, got out once the previous support failed.


$26 Profit
DPWLong Stock

14:55 - Buy 2000 shares @0.33 (+5$fee =0.3325) Shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't let it go... Wanted again to take chunk of the ride of Bitcoin (that was on fire), I decided to make it fast just to have a green transaction. Whatever the positive gain was! 15:06 - Sell 2000 shares @0.3479 (+5$fee =0.3454) Should have react a little faster, but at least I have a green transaction. Finally...


$135 Profit
NGLong Stock

R/G day trade, market sold off and price didn't rise to target so sold for small gain.


($45) Loss
RIOTLong Stock

I chased a little bit thinking this was going to have momentum and squeeze shorts into the close with bitcoin up so much today. Was holding up pretty well after it's midday spike and I got in shortly after a higher low. Had a quick drop and I got out not taking any chances with this up so much over the past few days.