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Latest Trades

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-$54 Loss
NOTELong Stock

Followed Tim Sykes again!! He got way better executions than me of course!!! Closed out after hours for way to big of a loss, should have cut my losses soon after purchase, then would have had very small loss!!


$20 Profit
VIRILong Stock

its was nice breakout into the close and was a biggest % gainer with news as well in the day. took my profit quickly as i was right because the stock went huge down


-$4 Loss
DRMALong Stock

Entry: Stock hit a major support level Exit: Was expecting a bounce off of support but never got it. Stock continued to decline. Should have waited for confirmation of it uptrending before getting into the trade and set a stop loss a little tighter.

-$78 Loss
FRGTLong Stock

bought the stock with no news , not big % gainer as well and with any trading plan as it was a speculative trade and didnt cut my loss quickly as i kept adding into the lows. have to be aware of overtrading., being patient and trade my step up only


-$6 Loss
AMDLong Option

Bear flag play. Slightly early entry with tight stop.