@Bullionaire I use MB Trading and their Desktop Pro software. Not as nice as ToS or ETrade but it does the job plus they have shares to short. I went with them because everybody else charges too much. I pay $4 and change plus .003 per share per trade (round trip for under $10). Why don't use use a brokerage that charges a lot less than your bank? The Stocks to Trade deal is in a process of change at the moment. Tim dumped Equityfeed for some, as of now, unknown data supplier. I got two emails from Equityfeed this week advising me that I was now a customer of Equityfeed since STT and they parted company. I forwarded the email to and asked for some clarification as to who I'm paying and for what. You should check out Connor Bruggeman and his Connor Alerts. This kid trades full time from high school on a smart phone. He'll point you at the apps you need to do what he does. If you're used to the "set it and forget it" trading style it ought to work great for you. If I were you I'd find a discount broker to get the commissions down to a reasonable level. And, if you don't mind trading from your iPhone you'd be set. Just popped VGGL for a $310 profit. This is the third time this week I've traded this crazy stock. But, it's a money maker. I have a hard time getting some of this stuff into my head. VGGL should be trading for about $.03 a share (they bleed money). But crazies like us keep the share price up. Good hunting!

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