($16) Loss
SMITLong Stock

I tried to dip buy an earnings winner and there seemed to be a good support in the high 3.40’s. My risk was 3.40 and my goal was at least 3.70’s, but it could have squeezed back to around $4.. It dropped so I got out. It did fall below $3.


($5) Loss
AKTSLong Stock

Watched a $300 profit turn into a scratch trade. Take some god dam profits, let the rest ride. Honored my stop though, proud of that.


($38) Loss
OSTKShort Stock
$329 Profit
PZZAShort Stock
$52 Profit
SQLong Stock

Bought this looking for the 52 week b/o. Had to take a small position since i had other funds tied up. Sold on the spike next day with a small profit. Will look to buy a dip if chart looks like it will continue to B/O hopefully with a bigger position.


$90 Profit
PHOTLong Stock

Bought this when it was at its multi week lows. Did not get my complete order filled. Sold next day when i hit my profit goals. Trying to take small gains to increase my account and try to get it out of the red.


($128) Loss
ACHNShort Stock
($59) Loss
MTSLLong Stock
$10 Profit
LEJULong Stock
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