Overall good classes by Tim and Mark this week. Didn't buy as I am more into learning and establishing my study habits. Plus, don't want to get burned out... Will complete the initial syllabus of DVDs hopefully by the beginning of the week into Monday. Of course, the 6th Pennystocking Conference is intertwined with the TIMDicators DVD, which will take me a couple weeks to learn. Also I keep hearing about the new "Part Deux" DVD. Accomplishments: 1. DVDs. 2. Read Tim's "An American Hedgefund" 3. Viewed very few video lessons due to viewing all DVDs. 4. Have participated in most of the classes and webinars since my 1.5 month inception into Tim's Challenge. 5. Set up and funded my ETrade Account. To Do (...over April and into May/ June): 1-4. TIMLines/ TIMDicators/ Spikeability/ Trading Tickers (Tim Grittani: "Yes Tim, I also enjoyed watching WSOP w/ Chris MoneyMaker). 5. Start watching incorporating more lessons (doing my own watchlist) as Tim post them. I think I am starting to get the gist of some of the patterns now, as Tim discusses them. They will make more sense... 6. Watch "Trader's Checklist" (hopefully this will put a lot of the thoerys and practices by the gurus into more perspective. 7. Re-watch 'Pennystocking Part Deux. 8. Purchased Jamil's "The Complete Pennystocking Course" 9. Start preping emails w/ questions to Jared S, & Co/ Gurus (re: misunderstandings or just general Qs to the lessons). 10. Start learning Etrade platforms, and with successful trades, look into doing the "7 day" $1.00 Trial for STT. (it seems critically essential, and all gurus stand by it along with most guest speakers in the conferences) 11. Will ONLY trade when I absolutely understand the patterns... Man!!!! Just realizing how seriously far that I have to go, YIKES! But I am understanding the teaching, but not retaining them. I suppose after completing my To Do: 1-4, "Pennystocking Part Deux", the patterns and Video Lessons will start to click... Hopefully will be ready by July :) If anyone actually read this, good for you. I am just trying to leave myself a somewhat testimonial of progress and journal. What have I learned (key word here: "retained") so far. DON"T LET UP ON STUDYING... & BE VERY PICKY AND NOT TO FORCE TRADES... There's a lot more, but this seems to be my initial reactive thought off the top of my head. Enjoy April everyone and I do believe that Spring is here. Study but play hard my Challenge friends and family.

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JeepTrader Apr 13, 18 12:47 PM

Yes, actually read it. Good luck & study well!

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