Just realized that it's pointless to plan for 75% account size positions when my overall equity will be split 50/50 into two separate accounts lol. Also, deciding to go with a new E*Trade account first over using my current TDAmeritrade account. I don't feel confident using StocksToTrade for executions. I may test it out, but I've noticed a few glitches when executing paper orders and STT Support doesn't seem helpful in maneuvering them. Plus, I like the idea of using the official broker platform, because it'll help me keep track of how many day trades I have left. Three on PLATFORM A (ETrade Pro) and three on PLATFORM B (maybe Thinkorswim). I'll start executing through ETrade next week with microsized positions to test out my consistency and then size up maybe on the 15th if everything is going smoothly. I'll only be using real trades with one account until I can fund the second in about 2-4 weeks. Still paper trading with the other three trades for each week in the meantime. Master the simulation, automate reality.

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