Considering using STT for planning and strategy, but making executions through brokerage apps on my phone. This accomplishes 1) never accidentally using an account that has run out of day trades (because I’ll have to CHOOSE the specific app each morning), but 2) not mixing execution platforms between STT, ETrade Pro and/or Thinkorswim with my laptop CPU going “jet engine”; and also 3) alleviating the execution delay from STT and sometimes wondering if my order is pending or got filled (sometimes STT doesn’t register the status in the order box and just randomly says “completed”) by submitting orders directly at the source (iPhone apps). The apps also are very straight forward with what I want to do (make executions). Not too many bells or whistles, just: action, quantity and price. Going to test it out this week with micro-positions to see how it goes. Testing STT execution time again this week as well.

Bingtrader16 Apr 21, 9:50 PM

Can you have Etrade Pro if you are under 250k?

PocketPAT Apr 21, 10:17 PM

@Bingtrader16 yep. As long as you have an account with them, they told me that you can get Etrade Pro upon request. It’s available to download from their website, but you have to call them to get it activated and you have to be an “Active Trader” (you have to tell them that you’ll be trading more than 30 times per quarter).

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